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Death KnightsYes Apply
DruidsYes Apply
HuntersYes Apply
MagesYes Apply
PaladinsYes Apply
PriestsYes Apply
RoguesYes Apply
ShamanYes Apply
WarlocksYes Apply
WarriorsYes Apply
Welcome to the Tempus Guild!

We are a social guild, focused on having a good time and always looking forward to the next boss or Alliance kill! 

Since Blizzard released the Looking for Raid tool everyone can see the end-game bosses, but we will always try to band together and loot them together!


Mists is out and things are looking great :D There are some mixed feelings in the Wow community, but we can't ignore all the updates
! The amazing visuals, the fun and engaging content, and the revamped classes :D

The monks are a happy addition to the game, along with their comic demeanour their dance moves are a force to be reckoned with!

Welcome to Mists of Pandaria!


Recruiting members into this family is ongoing!

Players in the guild have either seen all endgame Dragonsoul content and/or are leveling their toons getting ready for the new expansion. We are looking for more classes to fill the ranks for all content so come check us out on the server and be a part of the family.

PVE: Endgame raiding/heroics and normal instances
PVP: Battlegrounds/Rated Battlegrounds/Arena/City raids
Achvmnts: Organising old world raiding and other achievement hunting

We want to create a guild focused on all parts of the game. You paid for this game, now play all of it!

Welcome to Tempus!

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Mists of Pandaria Opening Cinematic

Lansul, Aug 16, 12 6:19 PM.
What the title says! Just over a month away and now we have the opening trailer :D

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